Proactive protection of the computer against malicious software, ATM protection, data leakage prevention
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For businesses and government agencies

  • Data protection software
  • Endpoint protection of workstations against viruses, intrusions, unauthorized access and data leaks
  • User activity monitoring and control
  • Centralized management
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Products for business:

» Enterprise Suite
» DLP Guard Workstation

For the ATM and the bank front office

  • Protection of ATMs, terminals and self-service devices
  • Front office protection
  • Launch and behavior control over all processes and apps
  • Preservation of system integrity
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Products for ATM and banks:

» TPSecure (for ATMs)
» TPSecure Teller





SafenSoft information security solutions are designed for commercial and financial organizations, government agencies, industrial enterprises as well as for home PC users. Our products provide reliable protection of workstations, ICS elements, computer labs in universities, archives and web-servers, control points, situational centers. SafenSoft TPSecure product line protects ATMs, terminals, back- and front-office banking. SafenSoft software systems preserve system integrity, prevent malware infection, protect information from unauthorized access and leakage.

SafenSoft products are based on the patent pending VIPO ® (Valid Inside Permitted Operations) proactive protection technology. SafenSoft proactive protection uses robust hashing algorithms, controls file and registry activity for maintaining the integrity of system files and installed programs.

VIPO ® controls and blocks activity of unknown executable code and processes, which allows preventing system infection through vulnerabilities of trusted applications.

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SafenSoft TPSecure - Device Integrity Maintenance for ATM, POS, Kiosks and Other Unattended Systems
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