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The best virus protection

Antivirus software remains a must-have to protect against everything the hackers and cybercriminals are throwing at us. But viruses are not the biggest problem any more. The biggest problem is the sheer size of the threat. Even the best virus protection can’t detect every threat if it’s only using one weapon. Today’s battle – and today’s best virus protection – requires multiple weapons. Let’s consider different virus protection approaches to find the best combination.

Signature virus protection – no longer the best virus protection

Most antivirus software today still uses signatures (samples of malicious code) to identify malware, detecting viruses by scanning program code for matching strings. At best, this virus protection is reactive. It works for viruses that have been around for a while, but is of little help in the battle against zero-day threats that come and go in less than 24 hours. Plus, those big update downloads and long scans really slow your system down. It’s clearly not the best virus protection for today’s environment.

Just what is proactive protection – and is it the best virus protection?

Although some vendors add behavior or heuristic technologies and call their solutions “proactive protection”, these techniques just complement the old reactive signature analysis and still don’t deliver the best virus protection. Yes, they add something, but nowhere near enough – and they’re plagued by false positives, which really isn’t the best virus protection.

To really get the best virus protection, you need a host intrusion prevention system that blocks malware before it can penetrate the PC, doesn’t need continuous updates, and doesn’t use a lot of system resources. Application whitelisting alone offers many of these advantages and has the potential to evolve into the best virus protection, but it currently requires too much user input and manual tweaking. SafenSoft’s VIPO technology was developed to overcome this problem.

SafenSoft solutions offer the best virus protection because they take a completely different approach to PC protection than traditional anti-malware. SafenSoft keeps your system in a “known-good” state rather than identifying and neutralizing individual threats. This approach means you don’t need to rely on frequent updates to keep your PC virus-free and you don’t lose system performance to resource-intensive scanning activities. SysWatch is designed to work alongside signature security software to provide the best virus protection for all your computing needs.

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