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Windows Startup / Registry Protection


Without Windows registry protection, your PC is extremely vulnerable if malware is able to tamper with the system registry, the computer will not function correctly. The Windows Registry is a hierarchical database that stores configuration settings and options used by the operating system hardware preferences, where programs are stored, listings of all your Start-menu shortcuts, pointers to the programs that start up when you click on a desktop icon, and what programs are allowed to be start up at the same time as Windows. Registry protection is essential for the normal operation of your PC.

During many types of malware intrusion, malicious code stealthily "registers" itself in the System Registry, giving itself permission to run on your PC or making other modifications that can have a critical impact on how your PC works. Thats why the Windows Registry must have dedicated registry protection.

Windows Registry protection techniques

Unfortunately, the native registry protection capabilities in Windows itself are easy for hackers to bypass. For effective registry protection, additional software is needed to ensure the registry is not tampered with and only authorized changes are allowed.

Windows Registry protection is usually included in Host Intrusion Prevention Systems (HIPS), such as SafenSoft SysWatch, which provide comprehensive protection against hacker attacks, malware intrusions and unauthorized access to valuable data. The System Registry protection provided by SysWatch enables you to create rules to control access to the Windows System Registry by any process or application. This means your computer will be protected against hidden changes in system registry made by unknown applications such as malware. By providing Windows Registry protection, SysWatch also provides Windows Startup protection, ensuring your system always starts cleanly.

Learn more about Windows Registry protection with SysWatch

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