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Infosecurity Russia 2007. S.N.Safe&Software presents SafeíníSec Enterprise Pro - new solution for corporate networks security

S.N. Safe&Software, company developer of IT security software, will present new complex security system for enterprise corporate networks SafeíníSec Enterprise Pro at the upcoming 4-th international specialized exhibition Infosecurity Russia 2007. This solution provides complex protection of enterprise computer networks from the widest spectrum of external and internal threats such as hacker attacks, insiders, rootkit mechanisms usage for corporate networks intrusion etc.

SafeíníSec Enterprise Pro is an innovational step in settling IT security questions for medium size and large business. The solution is based on summer 2007 release of new proactive computer protection system SafeíníSec Pro (details are available at ).

Compared with previous SafeíníSec Enterprise products the new version has got improved management and client parts. Optimized management console makes it easy to administrate all computers in divaricated network using service centers. Service centers provide setting of activity control rules for individual groups of networked computers (for departments and entire offices), tasks execution on offline computers, centralized creation and storage of databases of all events taking place on different computers/PC groups (by departments and offices - created and fulfilled tasks, reports, etc.), system administrators e-mail notification about crucial network events.

SafeíníSec Enterprise Pro service options have also become more convenient thanks to integrated functions of SafeíníSec centralized updating on computer groups (by departments and offices) and setting user rights to change SafeíníSec operation settings on network computers. Also the program has been supplemented with self education mode which executes SafeíníSec setting to the information environment of individual PC in the network as well as to the official responsibilities of individual user of user groups (by departments).

For additional security reasons new Unknown Application Isolation mode is integrated which provides unknown/suspicious application execution in the environment isolated from all data stored on user PC.

Besides regular exhibitor stand activity S.N.Safe&Software representatives will take part in Infosecurity Russia 2007 conference ďInteraction and mutual understanding on information security marketĒ (business seminars section, September 26-th, 10.30 a.m., roundtable ďPractical questions of information security systems constructionĒ).

We look forward to seeing you at our stand # 2-332, September 26-28, 2007, Expo Center, Moscow!

About S.N. Safe&Software Ltd.

S.N. Safe&Software Ltd. Was established in 2006 in Moscow as a result of SafeíníSec project spin off from StarForce and since then sells SafeíníSec proactive PC protection in Russia and abroad. The company has got a branchy distribution chain in 20 countries.

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Olga Gorshkova
PR director
S.N. Safe&Software Ltd.


September 17, 2007

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