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S.N.Safe&Software announces new family of SafeíníSec Pro products to Systems 2007 visitors

New SafeíníSec Pro protection systems for home computers with the option of Unknown Process Isolation as well as SafeíníSec Enterprise Pro innovation for complex security of corporate networks with unique Self-education mode set the highest standards of proactive protection systems

18.10.07 S.N.Safe&Software Ė company developer of IT security products Ė will present its new computer protection solutions to the visitors of annual international IT Trade Fair Systems 2007, October 23-26, Munich Trade Fair Center, Germany. New features of SafeíníSec personal and corporate products will be presented at stand # 628 Hall B3. All stand visitors will be favored with a Free 1 year version of SafeíníSec Personal 2.5 proactive computer protection system!

For home users S.N.Safe&Software offers the whole line of new complex protection systems based on newly developed SafeíníSec Pro version. The key innovation of this version is Unknown Application Isolation function, which means unknown/suspicious application running in the environment isolated from all data and programs stored on the PC. User can independently define the environment in which this or that program will be executed, for example such vulnerable application as Internet Explorer. This option allows preventing attacks and programs vulnerabilities usage by malicious code. Full info about SafeíníSec Pro family of products is available at

For corporate sector S.N.Safe&Software will present SafeíníSec Enterprise Pro complex security system based on the same SafeíníSec Pro. In this solution the following options are worth paying attention: Unknown Application Isolation which allows avoiding information drains based on targeted spyware intrusion into the network; integrated Rootkit Detector module which provides protection form attempts of stealing information from corporate network using rootkit technologies for spyware, keyloggers and other tracking programs; the unique self education mode which allows SafeíníSec to examine in a few days the specificity of network software and significantly lower the amount of false alarms. More details about SafeíníSec corporate solutions are available at

S.N.Safe&Software has prepared a gift to Systems 2007 visitors: all users who come up to stand # 628 (Hall B3) will get a special present Ė Free 1 year license of SafeíníSec Personal 2.5 proactive computer protection! Moreover, this present will be accompanied by special coupon allowing to buy new SafeíníSec Personal Pro Deluxe complex protection system for home PC with 25% discount! You are very welcome at our booth!

About SafeíníSec

SafeíníSec provides the inner PC environment security as well as secure Internet navigation for home users and reliable protection of computer networks from Internet threats and insider attacks! The program occupies minimum HDD and uses no more than 5% processor resources as it doesnít depend on signature updates. Being compatible and successfully supplementing other IT security software SafeíníSec provides constant and reliable PC protection.

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Olga Gorshkova
PR Director
S.N.Safe&Software Ltd.


October 18, 2007

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