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Internet sales of SafeíníSec Pro PC protection start-up

S.N.Safe&Software Ltd. announces start-up of SafeíníSec Pro new complex PC protection system in Russian and English speaking Internet. The option of unknown application execution in isolated environment (ďUnknown Application IsolationĒ) and anti-adware module guarantee user secure and calm work on his PC and Internet browsing. The price of SafeíníSec Pro 1 year license (basic version) is $19,9.

SafeíníSec Pro provides computer protection not only from traditional threats, being an anti virus program, worm and trojan remover, but also offering spyware protection, hacker attacks prevention, adware removal. It also protects the PC from novice user insecure actions.

Innovation is equipped with special function of ďUnknown Application IsolationĒ which carries out automatic execution of unknown/suspicious program in special environment isolated from all programs and data stored in your PC. User can independently define the environment in which this or that application will be executed, for example such vulnerable application as Internet Explorer. That will prevent targeted hacker attacks and this software usage by malicious code - anti spyware function.

SafeíníSec Pro has got an integrated anti-adware module with function of adware removal able to block ads and banners looming right in front of you when you visit various web-sites by different principles and parameters, for example by black list, by dimension and much more. After banner blocking SafeíníSec Pro shrinks the area previously occupied by blocked banner so that all info displayed on the screen becomes available. Anti-adware module also blocks intrusive pop-up windows; not all of them but only unwanted pop ups. Besides new SafeíníSec Pro option clears all traces of your online activities (cookies, cache files, history, typed urls, recent urls).

For lowering the level of false alarms new product has got an option of regular updating of trusted applications database with regular program updates. There are also modes of SafeíníSec setting for advanced user (ask questions about suspicious application) and novice user (automatically block suspicious application). For dial-up users there is special service of resume download of SafeíníSec Pro updates on files level. Files of an update are automatically saved on user PC and in case of sudden disconnection only missing files, not the whole update, are downloaded.

SafeíníSec Pro goes into Internet sales in versions for home PCs. All SafeíníSec Pro versions are compatible with Windows Vista 32 bit. Compatibility with 64 bit Vista will be settled till the end of 2007. SafeíníSec Pro business and corporate solutions development will be finished at the end of summer 2007 whereupon these solutions will go directly to offline distribution in Russia and abroad.

Press contacts
Olga Gorshkova
PR director
S.N.Safe&Software Ltd.


May 17, 2007

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April 12, 2007 

May 31, 2007 


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