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SafenSoft CEO Michael Kalinichenko will speak at VB 2010 Conference. Delegates will learn how Russia’s leading retail bank learned to combat ATM fraud.

San Jose, California and Moscow, Russia, September 15, 2010 – SafenSoft, a leading developer of security solutions for ATMs and other unattended devices, is pleased to announce that CEO and co-founder Michael Kalinichenko has been selected to speak at VB 2010 in Vancouver, Canada, on September 30th 2010. Entitled Intrusions and Inside Jobs: Lessons from the Banking Industry, Michael’s paper will discuss what he has learned from a year of working with Sberbank, Russia’s largest retail bank, and how that knowledge can be applied to improve network security.

Beginning with the bank’s frustration at repeated attacks by the Zeus banking Trojan and culminating in the development and deployment of SafenSoft’s TPSecure ATM security software, this is a story that will resonate with security professionals everywhere.

"We’ve always approached security from a position of ‘least interference’", says Kalinichenko. "I’m honored to have the opportunity to share our experience in working closely with a major institution to ensure their systems can be kept secure with less manpower and lower maintenance costs than traditional anti-malware or whitelisting approaches."

Delegates will come away from the session with

  • A deeper understanding of how the interconnected nature of today's banking IT environment can impact not only the bank's security but that of its customers too.
  • The ammunition to show executive management why the security approach that corporations have relied on for the past 20 years is no longer sufficient to protect against the onslaught of smart, sophisticated, targeted threats.
  • Knowledge of how existing security techniques can be combined with hidden Windows technologies to preserve system integrity and reduce costs.
  • Insight into how a new approach combining whitelisting, sandboxing, behavioral analysis, and granular profile-driven policies can maintain systems in a known-good state.
  • Evidence that ongoing subscription income has become a habit of entitlement for many security vendors that delivers little benefit to customers.

SafenSoft’s solutions for ATMs, corporate networks, and home computers are all built around the company’s patent-pending VIPO (Valid Inside Permitted Operations) technology, which effectively prevents any unknown or ill-intentioned application from executing, preserving system integrity throughout the device lifecycle.

About Michael Kalinichenko

In addition to his role as CEO of SafenSoft, which he has held since 2006, Michael Kalinichenko is also CEO of the StarForce group of companies, of which SafenSoft was previously a part. Prior to joining the StarForce group, he undertook a number of organizational projects, notably with Trustworks BV in the Netherlands and R-Style Softlab in Russia. From 1998 until 2002, Michael served as Chief Technology Officer at leading security developer Kaspersky Labs, before which he worked as a programmer and as a project manager in software development in several international companies. Michael holds an MBA from UAMS in Belgium and a PhD in Mathematics and Physics from Moscow State University.

About SafenSoft

SafenSoft was founded in 2006 in Moscow by a team of computer security veterans, and the company’s board of directors is led by Victor Kousnetsov, a former senior development executive with McAfee. SafenSoft solutions include TPSecure for ATMs and other unattended devices, SysWatch for enterprises, and SafenSec for home users. The company has development offices in Moscow, Russia, and business offices in Silicon Valley, California, and is funded by Troika Dialog. Learn more about SafenSoft at http://www.safensoft.com

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September 15, 2010

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