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Kaspersky Lab and SafenSoft protecting ATMs and payment kiosks

Kaspersky Lab will be the first in Latin American to deliver a specialized ATM and payment kiosk protection solution for the biggest credit union in Ecuador. This unique security product was created by Kaspersky Lab partner SafenSoft integrating the Kaspersky Anti-Virus SDK engine into the solution.

SafenSoft complex solution coupled with Kaspersky Lab antivirus engine provides solid protection both from known threats and zero day exploits even in targeted attacks. According to the independent ATMIA association, cyber threats became the third most dangerous threat ATMs faced in 2012, which was mostly caused by financial institutions ignoring the ATM software protection. International financial community gives more attention to this problem with each passing year which causes the growth in demand for solutions capable of fully protecting self-service devices from cyber attacks.

Meanwhile on the Latin American market a great number of aging and out-of-date ATMs are very attractive targets for cybercriminals, and it calls for information security products capable of working on any hardware. SafenSoft information security solution with Kaspersky Lab antivirus technologies became the much needed solution.

"We were right with our predictions. The Latin American market desperately needs a self-service device security solution preventing any attempts to modify the system", says Michael Kalinichenko, SafenSoft CEO. "In this particular case, wed like to acknowledge good work on part of our partner GMS company, thanks to whom the project was completed in just 2 months. At this rate, well be able to fulfill the demand for security solutions on Ecuadorian market and start working on other countries in the region faster than anticipated.

"The ATM and payment kiosk security is an especially serious issue today as such devices are gaining popularity for financial transactions day by day. We are thrilled that our technologies, the antivirus engine in particular, became the crucial part in the newest security solutions capable of repelling various threats and attacks on ATMs and self-service terminals", said Abelino Ochoa, General Manager, Kaspersky Lab in Latin America.


August 08, 2013

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July 11, 2013 

September 27, 2013 


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