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SafenSoft P&P protects mobile payments

SafenSoft, Russian software developer of innovative information security solutions for banks and banking services, announces SafenSoft P&P, a free application for phones running on iOS 7 and below.

Today mobile banking is the most vulnerable remote banking services element for the end user. Rapid introduction of this service by many banks all over the world lead to many new vulnerabilities while cybercriminal community have better conditions for detecting and exploiting them then the less consolidated banking community has to keep up and act reactively. Sometimes not even the mobile apps developers are able to fix their own products quickly after being presented with enough reports. Even in the system where bank protects its databases, workplaces and ATMs using the latest proactive technologies mobile banking apps leave the way for fraudsters to get illegal access to money and personal data.

SafenSoft P&P is aimed at preventing the exploitation of newly found vulnerabilities and letting the device owners use them to make banking card operations without paying attention to potential threats. Customizable white lists wont let the device use possibly insecure Wi-Fi connections to send any critical data that can be intercepted by the criminals using the man in the middle attack and the web-interface protection will help even against phishing attacks.

"Mobile banking causes enough alarm so that big banks started paying attention to the vulnerabilities", says Denis Gasilin, SafenSoft marketing head. Still, this type of interaction is too comfortable for end user to let either clients or financial organizations stop using it. Some of them, however, bring themselves to shut down their own mobile banking based on apps and move to web-interface only system, such as UW Credit Union in June 2013. We have decided to remove this dilemma by creating a product that will allow ignoring hard choices like this because one can just install a free program from AppStore and forget about threats.

You can learn more and download SafenSoft P&P at the product page or from AppStore directly.


January 13, 2014

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January 22, 2014 


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