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SafenSoft: results of 2013 and plans for 2014

SafenSoft company continued improving its key indicators in the 2013. Cash flow had more than doubled and revenue grew by about 80 percent. The number of clients increased twofold and sales through partners grew by nearly 100 percent while the number of partners remained virtually unchanged. That result was made possible due to the optimization of partnership program. The entire line of information security solutions was updated twice this year and new products were added to the company’s package.

SafenSoft products have entered new markets such as Latin America, Middle East and Africa, and the first projects in Latin America are already realized. The combination of outdated equipment and inadequate software protection in the region’s banking sector is the reason for increasing demand for reliable and cost-effective solutions that can run well on any hardware. Cyberattacks represent a significant proportion of all the threats to ATMs in Latin America and that is why SafenSoft company is ready to provide investigation and analysis services in case of any ATM software intrusion events. First requests from banks in the region were already received.

At the same time the rapid development of the information techologies in Russia and the CIS allows to build momentum for the company in the traditional regions. Informatization of education and medicine requires reliable protection for personal data and the software environment of computers in educational and medical institutions. Remote banking services in Russia continue to grow at an unprecedented rate too which makes the banking, educational and medical markets the most successful ones for SafenSoft this year.

The latest version of the product line is notable for significantly revised architecture. Three is now one single server for even the most niche client modules which greatly simplify the integration process. Customization is now much easier to do on both the new computers of parts of already existing infrastructure with specialized software. New features in the software integrity preservation module allow for even tighter control of operational system and its elements. Centralized administration of client modules was also simplified both by using one single server for all modules and a new approach to the creation of user-defined rules and filters.

SafenSoft company announced two new products that complement the line of information security solutions this year. SafenSoft for Windows XP Embedded is designed specifically for the "stripped down" operating systems with limited functionality. It is particularly relevant due to the prevalence of Windows XP Embedded on self-service devices and the termination of its official support for Microsoft in the nearest future. This solution also supports Windows 7 Embedded, Windows Embedded Standard and Windows Embedded Point of Service. There are plans to release an upgraded version for Windows 8 Embeded soon.

Mobile banking on the client side can now be protected by SafenSoft P&P, the application for smartphones running iOS versions 7 and below. SafenSoft P&P was created to neutralize new vulnerabilities constantly arising among mobile applications and allow mobile phone users to make transactions using their bank card credentials. Proactive approach used in SafenSoft products is reflected in the mobile solution as whitelisting of trusted wireless networks and browser phishing protection allow the application to work with the same efficiency in all conditions and without updates.

"Last year was very successful for our company” - says Michael Kalinichenko , CEO SafenSoft. “Information technology is constantly evolving, so any company that doesn’t want to stagnate and lose its markets must continually move forward. After a successful year of 2012 we did not rest on our laurels and the result is two entire product line updates in one year and breakthrough into the mobile payments protection. Mobile market looks very promising right now and we will continue to move in this direction. Currently we are looking for a partner for such projects. Additionaly we expect a sharp increase in demand for our security solutions by customers using Windows XP, after all, the official support for this operating system by Microsoft ends soon. This will lead either to a substantial vulnerability increase IT infrastructure or costly migration programs that might also require new hardware, and the only alternative is to use Windows XP with our security solutions based on proactive technologies that can function without updates to the OS itself”.


January 22, 2014

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January 13, 2014 

February 11, 2014 


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