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SafenSoft presents the Ploutus ATM Trojan analysis results for Russian banking and InfoSec pros

SafenSoft CTO Stanislav Shevchenko who was invited to the ATM Security Training held by LiquidNexxus presented a public analysis of Ploutus malware which is currently the most modern and innovative ATM Trojan. For the first time Ploutus key features were thoroughly analyzed and presented to the banking sphere representatives. Expert evaluated ways and methods of protection against Ploutus which sparked heated discussions between delegates of the biggest Russian and foreign banks.

For the first time in banking conferences history the ATM malware was widely discussed among the key industry players. Cyber attacks have risen to the third place among the threats to the ATMs back in 2012 (according to ATMIA) so the full-scale cooperation between financial institutions and information security experts were long sought for. Ploutus itself is the most dangerous Trojan for self-service devices at the moment and it already caused significant damage to one of the Ukraines biggest banks during an attack of its ATMs in all country regions during a single weekend. The latest version of this malware has the ability to communicate with an ATM via a smartphone. Specific technology presented by the SafenSoft CTO was met with enthusiasm and treated like go-to-guide.

It is good to see that financial organizations started to take ATM informational security seriously, says Stanislav Shevchenko, SafenSoft CTO. Such a delicate and expensive question should always be treated proactively and not reactively. After all, cyber criminals will always be in the lead of this reactive arms race. Still, it is not enough to prevent the incident, it always needs to be investigated. Independent expertise and investigations of ATM malware infection incidents interest our old and new partners a lot, so we have a lot of work to do.


April 11, 2014

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