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SafenSoft updates the product line to 3.9.1

SafenSoft, developer of information security solutions based on proactive technologies, announced the release of the product line version 3.9.1. Update includes supporting the latest Microsoft Windows 8.1, new SafenSoft SysWatch module features and improvements in remote administration of security system in organizations and on self-service devices.

"Our company used our practical experience in specialized security solutions while making 3.9.1", says Stanislav Shevchenko, SafenSoft CTO. We changed the productís architecture in order to maximize the possibility of adding new features of the whole complex. The solution is based on adaptable component independent paradigm. Flexible update system allows users to get updates of the fly. Thanks to this system, adaptation of already existing common solutions for specific customersí needs take minimal time. Fast changes to server and client settings makes the system administrators work easier while control over these changes helps in realizing existing corporate security politics effectively. Key paradigm of basic protection technology did not change. This approach to information security guarantees the operability of clientís information system. Cascade server interaction method creates an easily scaled system easy to integrate into existing clientís model, he says.

Remote manual file system control politics management for endpoints is available in the new version. This removes the necessity to get the security settings from reference pattern in order to clone it to other objects. Delicate adjustment of client hosts control politics or groups of them is done using the modified and improved interface. There is no need to create separate workgroups for individual devices since setting individual settings on each client helps avoid it.

In order to improve the secured system reliability further feedback between clients and Service Center is provided. Even in case of endpoint settings changed by maintenance staff who know the password events in logs are created that have all the information on affected changes and their new parameters.

Centralized component update module is included into the Service Center. Among the new features, there is retranslating of software modules and antivirus bases from the external source to the local server. Specialized activation of SafenSoft SysWatch system service helps to prevent incorrect initializations of hardware and software in case of software launch interval overlapping on the low-end systems like ATMs and terminals.


June 26, 2014

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June 19, 2014 

July 11, 2014 


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