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SafenSoft company helped AK BARS Bank create first PCI DSS compliant ATM network in Russia

The PCI DSS recertification process was recently completed in AK BARS Bank using SafenSoft information security solutions for the network of bankís self-service devices. ICL-KME CS company, SafenSoft partner, participated in the software integration while the Digital Security company acted as QSA auditor. While the AK BARS Bank itself achieves PCI DSS compliance for the fourth year in a row, inclusion of ATM and POS terminal network happened for the first time in Russian history.

Information security became very important for self-service devices in latest years. Cyber criminals tried many new approaches at stealing data and money directly from ATMs and traditional security solutions did not provide necessary protection against newest threats. Latest types of ATM Trojans can steal the plastic card data just like the usual skimmers but donít have any physical device that could be easily identified and removed. Some higher tier malicious software like Ploutus Trojan can dispense the cash from ATM directly, allow remote administration and can remove itself from the system after assault is successful. Even the ATM vendors itself started empathizing the importance of proactive protection of the machines they sell.

"We develop the product taking PCI DSS standards and requirements of Central Bank of Russia towards the banking systems security", says Stanislav Shevchenko, CTO of SafenSoft. "High professionalism of all participating companies has allowed the project to be completed as fast as possible. AK BARS Bankís approach to security doesnít allow for just the formal compliance, so the system we helped to create assures the maximal protect of bankís data and personal information of its clients".


July 11, 2014

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June 26, 2014 

August 08, 2014 


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