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Proof of age in the web can help fraudsters to crack credit cards

Alec Muffett according to his research predicts that proposed methods to restrict access of minors to commercial pornography can lead to increase of fraudulent actions with bank cards in the UK. One of the proposals is to use bank cards to proof a userís age, because minors canít have own bank cards. Another variant is to use identification information from social networks but it means that the application will get access to detailed personal data.

Experts suppose that the age proof service must be ready to serve more than 25 million people within a month since the launch.

ďThere is a threat that this verification can be used by cyber criminalsĒ, says Svetozar Yakhontov, Director of Business Development at SafeíNíSec Corporation. ďThe more people are forced to use credit cards online - the more familiar for them to enter the card data upon request. But hackers are already using malware which can substitute or depict the legitimate field for bank data entry. In addition, the write-off of minimum amounts will complicate the work of bank antifraud systems".

"The use of social networks for data collecting on demand also accustoms people to wrong behavior on the network", - Svetozar Yakhontov continues. "Today it is desirable to perform transactions with a bank account or a credit card from a secure computer, whether it's an ATM or a home computer with a system of conservation of the integrity of the system. The more data will come from outside of the protected system - the greater is the chance of losing them on the road".


October 11, 2016

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October 04, 2016 


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