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SoftControl Records Userís Screen to Control Personnel Actions

New feature is available thanks to the release of SoftControl version 4.2.12

Safe`n`Sec Corporation, the leader in development of software solutions for bank and financial organization information security, releases an update of the SoftControl system. This solution is designed to provide the integrity of the software environment of the network endpoints, including ATMs. Its deployment aims to arrange software running in secure mode on the enterprise network that helps to decrease risks of loses in case of target attacks. Besides the SoftControl solution helps banks to bring their infrastructure into compliance with the requirements of PCI DSS.

Key improvements in ver. 4.2.12:

  • SoftControl can make screenshots in video format to provide personnel activity monitoring. Before it screenshotting could be activated only by a trigger.
  • Access control for network file resources is added.
  • Now the system displays the rule ID if there was violation of the enterprise security policy.

The whole list of improvements is available in the update section of the corporate site.

About Safe`n`Sec Corporation

Safe`n`Sec Corporation (www.safensoft.com) was founded in 2006 to develop best-of-breed solutions in information security for financial organizations and banks. The company is a member of the PCI Security Standards Council and serves on the Security Best Practices committee of the ATMIA.

About StarForce Technologies

StarForce Technologies (www.star-force.com) is an expert in the field of digital information protection against hacking and unauthorized use. Since 2000 the company has been providing an integrated technological service to commercial, financial and government organizations. Since 2015 StarForce Technologies has been delivering integrated solutions based on Safe`n`Sec Corporation products.


June 13, 2017

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February 21, 2017 

June 28, 2017 


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