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StarForce Technologies Brings ATMs into Compliance with PCI DSS Requirements Thanks to SoftControl Solution

StarForce Technologies has deployed a security system for the network of self-service banking devices based on the SoftControl TPSecure solution as part of the preparation to audit compliance with the requirements of the PCI DSS standard.

Within the constantly increasing number of aggressive external and internal attacks on self-service banking devices that leads to significant financial losses. The regulators reasonably toughen requirements and credit and financial institutions attach increasing importance to security measures to prevent the data theft of clients' plastic cards. The annual certification for compliance with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) data security standard is mandatory for organizations that issue and process cards data of international payment systems. At the stage of preparation for the audit for compliance of PCI DSS, banks are faced with the task of ensuring the implementation of a set of organizational and technical measures to protect payment card data from unauthorized access.

Subsequent to the results of testing conducted as part of the project, the SoftControl TPSecure solution has been chosen. This product (previously released under the SafenSoft brand and already well established in the information security market) helped to ensure reliable protection of the customer's ATMs from destructive impact on the software environment of the devices.

SoftControl TPSecure provides integrity control for software and plug-in external devices, separates software processes in the system and uses white lists for applications. The product called to maximally protect ATMs from unauthorized actions by the bank's own service personnel and external intruders, and it has already been successfully used in hundreds of thousands of self-service devices around the world, with proven functionality and an optimal costs.

Thanks to the well-coordinated teamwork of all project participants and interested support from the management of the bank, it took five weeks to implement the system. The key to the successful deployment of the solution was the training of specialists according to the program adapted to the specifics of the project, which made it possible to implement the practices of safe software operation on the network of self-service devices in such a short time.

"We were pleasantly surprised by the efficiency and readiness to implement changes in both technical and organizational issues, which was demonstrated by the strong project team," says Svetozar Yakhontov, Director of Business Development at StarForce Technologies. The participants' resources were quickly organized, the training program was agreed upon, the uninterrupted logistics of the project was provided, which allowed the system to be deployed in one go without wasting additional resources and adjusting the plans."

The audit of compliance with PCI DSS standards is scheduled for October 2017.

About StarForce Technologies

StarForce Technologies (www.star-force.com)is a leading vendor of software products in the field of information security. Business dimensions of the company: information security, software licensing, protection against unauthorized copying, analysis and modification (decompilation). Protection of network endpoints from internal and external attacks is represented by the SoftControl product line (http://www.safensoft.com/tpsecure/, previously SafenSoft and Safe'n'Sec). Since 2000, more than 70 million StarForce Technologies' licenses have been sold worldwide.


September 28, 2017

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