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SoftControl Update: A convenient and reliable way to protect your computer from malware

The complexity of targeted attacks have not changed in the last two decades. An attack is always a well-planned, professional operation. Although the attack techniques and methods can be fine-tuned, most damage always comes from the use of conventional intrusion and cracking tools. This means malware that tends to get into the enterprise infrastructure by any means.

Experience has shown that

  • multilevel protection methods that the industry associations recommend and that the regulators require are effective;
  • designing, implementing and maintaining complex protection methods is very resource-intensive and is often hard to achieve. The problem is the lack of high-skilled and efficient staff.

A malware protection solution requires tools that enable users to:

  • get a clear idea about the information processing technologies in use; start from the ĎLearn your technologiesí principle.
  • design, test and iteratively improve the protection methods.
  • learn the technology quickly. The tools should be a means to train the personnel by solving real-world problems.

SoftControl 4.4. What's new?

New features in SoftControl 4.4 were developed in collaboration with our customersí engineers. The basis of these features is the generated best practices in implementing multilevel protection methods for sensitive infrastructure:

Detailed activity control rules

The users can create detailed activity control rules for groups of applications and certain processes from the control computer and distribute the created settings as specific or group policies. This allows specifying strict scenarios for the processing of the information under protection on a network of varied devices, as well as preventing system processes and dedicated software from being compromised.

Advanced audit mode

Advanced audit mode allows the users to test the control policy settings without any impact on the system under protection, which is very important when implementing multilevel protection methods on a sensitive infrastructure that is difficult to simulate on a test bench.

Examining the event log

Examining the event log from the administrator console is very convenient. The log provides detailed information about the activity of the applications on the system under protection and allows assessing possible impact of the protection methods under test.

Also the new version eliminated known vulnerabilities and defects, increased stability on multiprocessor computers.

You can update to the current version right now, it is available on the update server.


June 25, 2018

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July 09, 2018 


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