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SoftControl 4.1.17 Update

SafeíNíSec Corporation (, the leader in development of software solutions to provide information security in banks and financial organizations, releases an update of the SoftControl system. The main target of this release is to improve usability and stability of the security system. The system is designed to provide the integrity of the software environment of the network endpoints and to protect data against unauthorized access by maintenance staff or violators.

The following modules are included in the system:

1. SoftControl Service Center that consists of:

2. The client components for proactive protection of end points:

3. SoftControl DLP Client, the client component designed to monitor and collect data about the user's activity.

The most important changes in 4.1.17 version are the following:

Detailed information is available for clients in the update section of the corporate site.

About SafeíNíSec Corporation

SafeíNíSec Corporation ( was founded in 2006 to develop best-of-breed solutions in information security for financial organizations and banks. The company is a member of the PCI Security Council and serves on the Security Best Practices committee of the ATMIA. The clients of SoftControl products are located in Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa.


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