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New SoftControl version released

Protection Technology has released a new version of the SoftControl product line.

The SoftControl system is a range of products the main purpose of which is to provide integrity of the software environment of network endpoints and to protect data against unauthorized access by staff or violators.

Among other features, the new version of SoftControl allows adding checksums of executable files to the whitelist of trusted processes from the control server. It is a centrally controlled operation. Moreover, the new version implements security profiles: now you can manage activity control rules by combining them in logical groups. Besides, the mechanisms for control registry access operations are improved.

In addition, some minor changes are implemented in the new version of SoftControl, more details are added to the list and content of events in notifications, new types of events are implemented in security logs and process activity logs.

About Protection Technology

Protection Technology is a leader in developing software products for banks and financial organizations in the field of information security. The company was founded in Moscow in 1999. Now it works under the StarForce and SoftControl brands. By now, the company has released more than 20 software products which are intended to protect IT infrastructure against targeted attacks, to protect information against illegal copying and distribution, as well as to obfuscate and to encrypt code.


Сентябрь 23, 2019


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