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TPSecure delivers ATM security and protection for POS systems, kiosks and other self-contained, self-service devices against unauthorized data access and software changes by service personnel or hackers. TPSecure maintains system in a known-good state by controlling unauthorized launch attempts and activity of all processes in the system.

Achieving PCI DSS Compliance


TPSecure controls startup and application activity, thus ensuring the integrity of the software during the operation and maintenance of the system in the last known good state. Because of this, TPSecure protects the system against all types of malware, unauthorized changes and access to data, without the need for updates.

TPSecure is optimally suited for the protection of self-service devices, using both low and high-speed communication channels. To deploy and change control policies, TPSecure has its own control system. In addition, TPSecure supports already installed IT-infrastructure management tools: Microsoft SCCM, HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli and others.

TPSecure has functionality of flexible adjustment of user-defined rules for both individual applications, and for their groups. This allows that TPSecure can be integrated with specialized software to control its integrity, to protect against changes in the code, to protect stored data locally, including temporary application files.

TPSecure is a comprehensive package software. It contains of all the necessary elements for a complete set of ATM software protection, without having to buy and install additional modules and other components: a centralized management console, built-in Firewall, anti-virus engine, a protected channel of communication between the client and server, functionality of logging and reporting about concrete incidents, applications control, connecting and using external / foreign devices control (laptops, USB-drives, CD- and DVD-ROM drive, etc.) and much more. Read more ...

Why TPSecure: Unattended Device?

Protection against unauthorized data access and software changes
Dynamic Integrity Control

Protects all executable software on the system by detecting any unauthorized activation attempt and preventing the process from launching before damage can occur

Dynamic Sandbox

Specially-designated user account for potentially vulnerable software provides system-level privilege controls to block dangerous software activity

Dynamic Resource Control

Controls how different applications can access files and folders, registry keys, external devices, and network resources. User-driven rules can be created to control application activity.

Custom-built for kiosk and ATM security

Centralized management


Customizable delivery

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