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Application protection


Applications control access to information stored locally or remotely—from credit card account details and email addresses to personal data, health records, and customer information. So, to achieve effective data security, you need application protection.

Host Intrusion Protection Systems (HIPS) have been used for application protection for some time, guarding the platforms on which applications run and the data applications use. Today’s HIPS add a layer of intelligent operation and work in conjunction with complementary application protection solutions to create a protective shell around applications, Operating Systems, and file systems.

SafenSoft SysWatch is one of these “smart” HIPS and application protection solutions that can protect information from attacks, theft, and a range of malicious threats.

SafenSoft SysWatch Personal protects your computer proactively by controlling how applications behave, which in turn delivers application integrity protection. It keeps your whole system in a “known-good” state, protecting applications and their associated data, preventing hacker attacks and malicious software from activating.

How SafenSoft SysWatch delivers application protection

Application launch control

Whenever a new application is launched, SysWatch lets you decide whether it should be launched without restrictions (a trusted application), launched in an isolated area or “sandbox” (a not-yet-trusted application), or blocked altogether (obviously untrustworthy). This approach to application protection prevents an unknown application – which malware always is – from activating on your PC. Updates of existing applications are automatically trusted.

Application activity control

You can create your own rules for application activity controls – enhance your application protection by deciding how different applications can access files and folders, USB drives, registry keys, external devices, and network resources.

Application integrity protection

You decide what – if any – program code changes are acceptable as part of your application protection strategy. This lets you ensure that applications cannot be launched if the executable code has been modified.

Application executable code protection.

Sometimes one application may wish to make changes to another. Extend your application protection to the executable modules within your applications against unauthorized modifications by hackers and viruses.

Application data protection.

The greatest strength of application protection in many ways is data protection. SysWatch lets you control the read/write access to application data files and registry keys related to all other applications.

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