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Software protection ATMs, payment terminals and self-service devices

Today the information security of the banks depends not only on how well protected from the attacks and viruses offices of the bank, but also on how well prevents protection software the threats from hackers and insiders installed in the ATM network.

ATM - is not only a cash machine but it is a full settlement-payment terminal comparable with the computer with its soft shell, settings, services, and security software... In connection with the development of its źstuffing╗ ATM increasingly become a point of access to information and financial environment of the bank, through which attackers inflict a huge damage to the bank. Making targeted attacks on specific ATM using various malicious programs, breaking passwords to access the data, changing ratings of the notes the criminals inflict the bank significant financial and reputational damage.

The usual independently could not effectively cope with the target attacks on ATMs long. The so-called źzero-day threats╗ are able to get around any obstacle. If only on the ATM is not installed product that provides proactive protection of the ATM.

Solution for protection of ATMs TPSecure was specially created for the protection of software ATMs, payment terminals and information kiosks from hacker attacks and malicious actions of insiders.

The main factors that allow TPSecure effectively to oppose any forms of threats are control of the integrity of the software, using behavioral analyzers in its work, the isolation of separate software processes in the system, the control of the connected external devices and using white lists of applications.

The decision TPSecure certified by FSTEK of Russian Federation and helps banks to meet the requirements for the information security of the Russian Central Bank as well as the requirements of the international organization of the PCI DSS.

ATM security software - TPSecure


TPSecure delivers ATM security and protection for POS systems, kiosks and other self-contained, self-service devices against unauthorized data access and software changes by service personnel or hackers. TPSecure maintains system in a known-good state by controlling unauthorized launch attempts and activity of all processes in the system.

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SoftControl for Windows XP Embedded

SoftControl for Windows XP Embedded

SoftControl for Windows XP Embedded provides integrity monitoring of devices software which work on the Embedded- operating system. The solution allows you to protect the device from the destructive impact of malware, including targeted virus attacks, "zero day"-threats and destructive impact of insiders . There are next basic security functions of the system implemented in the solution: files control, launch applications control, external devices control, secure logging and reporting about incidents when something tries to destroy the integrity of the device or there is a third-party penetration into the system.

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