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SysWatch Workstation PLUS
Key features
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"Best Performance" award in recent tests conducted by Hard`n`Soft magazine.

100% efficiency in AV Comparatives Single Product Review.

PC Magazine/Russian Edition makes special mention of Enterprise Suite as one of the best software of the "Russian Software: 2009" review.

Safe`n`Sec Personal won Silver Zero-day Protection Award from independent anti-malware Test Lab


SysWatch Workstation PLUS

SysWatch Workstation PLUS provides antimalware protection basing on proactive technologies and includes a built-in antivirus scanner. The software effectively protects workstations against all kinds of malicious software, hacker attacks, and unauthorized user actions and incorporates centralized management and endpoint protection policy configuration capabilities.

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Key features


Function Benefits
Dynamic Integrity Control

Protects all executable software on the system by detecting any unauthorized activation attempt and preventing the process from launching before damage can occur.

Application launch control

Granular application launch control settings allow precise controls and prevent unknown processes from launching, blocking malicious activity without the need for software patches or signature updates.

Application activity control

Controls how different applications can access files and folders, USB drives, CD/DVD, COM and LPT ports, registry keys, external devices, and network resources. User-driven rules can be created to control application activity.

Time-limited rules

When setting application activity policies, access rules can be time-limited to allow workstation maintenance to be scheduled.

Script execution control

Detection and prevention of VB and JavaScript scripting language launches.

Antivirus scanner

SysWatch Workstation PLUS has a built-in antivirus scanner that enables scanning of files for known malicious code and repairing infected files where possible. It also enables administrators to scan unknown applications before launching them and to perform regular system scans if required. The scanner will also detect and neutralize malicious files before they are launched.

Dynamic sandbox

Launch of unknown or potentially dangerous applications is performed in a sandbox, so other processes and the system itself cannot be affected.

Automatic incident processing

The remote Admin Explorer console enables administrators to remotely make decisions on incidents such as attempts to launch unknown applications or breach of security policy or to process incidents automatically.

Self-protection system

Only authorized users are permitted to connect, stop, or uninstall client application. All changes and uninstallation are password-protected, and only designated users can allow or deny access to designated files and folders or change other settings.

Application activity history and changed files backup

Application change history is logged to enable the restoration of files changed by that application.

Integration with other security solutions

Operates alongside and can be integrated with other security and network management tools, such as SIEM, IAM, network traffic security, encryption, and traditional anti-malware solutions.

Update server

Supports the use of a local server for program component updates on workstations.

Remote management console

Built-in remote management console allows remote installation, uninstallation, and or changes to SysWatch settings.

Incident management

The management console enables administrators to remotely determine actions to be taken on incidents such as attempts to launch unknown applications or breach of security policy or to process incidents automatically.


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