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Information security in medicine

Today It-infrastructure of medical institution represents the extensive network which contains as a rule three main components. The first there are the workplaces of the staff computers of doctors, secretaries on reception and etc. The second there are the medical information systems (MIS) which are joint the complex automated information system, in which electronic medical records about patients, data of medical research in a digital form data of monitoring of the patients condition from medical devices, kind of communication between employees, financial and administrative information. The third there is the heavy medical equipment, for example, tomographs, which represents a certain medical device or the set of devices, with the computer on which is installed the specified software or another devices for information transfer, for example, by the printer.

Its necessary to protect the infrastructure, which consists of such devices, from the following set of threats: from the epidemiological infections, from targeted attacks, from breaking and from actions by the staff.

Harmful actions of employees share on two categories. There are the using of the computers by half-educated people, harming the system on imprudence and malicious actions of insiders from the steal or modification of separate data to system crash.

The modern information system of medical institution isnt protected from actions of any employee, having the minimal technical skills of using PC. And more advanced systems providing the minimum levels of protection against own employees, are absolutely vulnerable to the administrations of IT-infrastructure.

Nowdays SafenSoft suggests medical institutions to establish an innovative solution of Enterprise Suite for the specified software installed both on usual and on expensive equipment. Enterprise Suite represents complex dome system of protection of workstations. Solution works basd on blockin both external and internal threats of information security. Exercising control, monitoring and logging of user activity, Enterprise Suite provides an effective protection from unauthorized access, introduction of malware, hacker attacks and malicious or insider actions of the medical institution.

Network security solution

Enterprise Suite

Enterprise Suite is a comprehensive network security solution that effectively protects against intrusion by targeted hacker attacks or malware threats without the need for signature updates. It also protects against insider threats caused by unauthorized access to sensitive data and system configuration changes.

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SSoftControl for Windows XP Embedded

SoftControl for Windows XP Embedded

SoftControl for Windows XP Embedded provides integrity monitoring of devices software which work on the Embedded- operating system. The solution allows you to protect the device from the destructive impact of malware, including targeted virus attacks, "zero day"-threats and destructive impact of insiders . There are next basic security functions of the system implemented in the solution: files control, launch applications control, external devices control, secure logging and reporting about incidents when something tries to destroy the integrity of the device or there is a third-party penetration into the system.

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