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"E" Russia is for safety.

Denis Gasilin, Head of marketing, SafenSoft
2012, November

Few days ago Denis Gasilin attended the annual conference CNEWS Forum, 2012, one of the global events of national importance, bringing together all the IT-community. For SafenSoft, as the developer of information security systems, including the public sector, the forum is an excellent platform to identify key trends in IT-sector and defining lines of changes in legislation, the urgent needs of government agencies in the field of information security. CNEWS Forum in 2012, and lived up to expectations this time. I would like to share with you some of the theses discussed at the forum topics.

An interesting and obvious trend of information technology in the public sector is a cloud informatization of public authorities. The project «e-government», upgraded infrastructure, is a new challenge. Of course, such as the important aspects of information security and data protection from leaking are also in the field of attention of specialists. In particular, the issues of information security were considered during the discussion of the «Open Government» and «system of interagency electronic interaction (SMEV)». This was said by the representatives of the Federation Council of the Federal Treasury, Federal State Statistics Service, the Social Insurance Fund and the other speakers.

IT-community voted in a national forum for the support of the software. According to Russian national security strategy, actively discussing the possibility of a full transition from software vendors overseas to domestic software in the line of IT security state, departmental and municipal institutions. In this regard, it is important to note that SafenSoft - a Russian developer of information security solutions in the industry of information security, our development and test lab located exclusively in the territory of the Russian Federation. Moreover, we have the necessary certificates and licenses for working with government customers for the protection of information and personal data.

The Forum actively discussed the urgent need to improve the level of personal data protection of citizens of our country, and to take adequate responsibility in terms of legislation by state agencies and institutions that handle personal data. In the near future a significant tightening of legislation in relation to the requirement to the information infrastructure of any institution for the personal data protection, and the responsibility for the improper performance of these requirements.

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