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Project (Project experience). ENERGOTRANSBANK


Complex software security system integration into the customerís ATM network.

Aims and purposes

Development and integration of a modern ATM software security system into a large scale self-service device network. Providing effective protection from external and internal threats with special attention to Ploutus ATM Trojan.


ENERGOTRANSBANK is one of the first commercial banks in Kaliningrad region. Bank has a network of 24 offices in Kaliningrad region (Kaliningrad, Sovetsk Chernyahovsk, Gusev, Neman, Baltic, Gurievsk, Bagrationovsk) and Moscow accompanied by payment terminals and ATMs.

Achieved results

  • Possibility of centralized remote ATM protection introduced to the network.
  • Installed product keeps the ATM software in known good state and rules out the possibility of unauthorized modification.
  • Service engineers work processes related to the ATM software were simplified.
  • An opportunity to investigate security incidents related to the attempts of ATMs software introduced to the network.
  • Product effectively protects ATM software from unknown threats and targeted attacks aimed at unauthorized modification including the Ploutus trojan.
  • Installed product helps the bankís information security system achieve compliance with PCI DSS standard and regulations of Central Bank of Russia.
  • Financial risks and risks related to the bankís information security greatly reduced.
  • Project implementation period was 1 month.

Used solution / product

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