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Key features
System Requirements
TPSecure Teller
SoftControl for Windows XP Embedded
PCI DSS Compliance
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TPSecure delivers ATM security and protection for POS systems, kiosks and other self-contained, self-service devices against unauthorized data access and software changes by service personnel or hackers. TPSecure maintains system in a known-good state by controlling unauthorized launch attempts and activity of all processes in the system.

Achieving PCI DSS Compliance

Key features

Component Function
Client module Embedded Firewall
Automatic generation of security policy based on self-study
Learning protection mode("global installation mode")
Customizable keyboard control
Protection against running unauthorized applications .NET
Operates in standalone mode and remote control mode
Ability to install / uninstall the module in "silent" mode
Ability to remotely install the module by means of the product
System Profiling (automatic adjustment)
The presence of simple and advanced modes (implementation of proactive protection before collecting the system profile)
Control of running the executable files, installation packages and scripts in automatic and manual modes
An additional limitation of launching the installation packages and scripts, using white list of digital signature certificates
DLL-files and drivers control
Ability to prevent modification of executable files by processes that are not the installers
File system resources control
System registry resource control
Control the access to USB-devices with the possible exception of the white list
Ability to work with certified external storage (CD- and DVD-disks)
Control the access to LPT-ports
Control the access to COM-ports
Control of network activity
Protecting the module interface using a password
On-demand and scheduled virus scanning
Enforceability scan of removable drives when connecting them
Logging reports in text files
Logging in WMI-objects
Backup and restore the module configuration
Server module and management console Centralized management of the system
Built-in management console
Uniformity of policies for Firewall, Application Control, monitoring of connecting devices
The ability to install pre-configured profile with integrated free database Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express
Setup Wizard for quickly creating a server configuration
Role-based access management: access control of users with different privileges
Role-based access management: accounting for personnel during work with the management console
Cryptoprotection of communication channel between the client and server modules
Register on the server and monitor the status of client modules
Group operations with client modules: remote setting
Group operations with client modules: remote tasks running
Ability to browse reports of client modules in real time
Ability to retrieve data in the reports of client applications using filters (preset or custom)
Conclusion reports from client applications in printed form or exported in electronic format
E-mail notification of the alerts, which were registered by client modules

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