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Known vulnerabilities




Known vulnerabilities

As any other software, the SafeíNíSec Corporation products can have software bugs. Some of them can be exploited by an attacker to perform unauthorized actions within a computer system. Such bugs are known as software vulnerabilities.

Code* Description Are there known exploits or incidents? Affected components and products What to do?
Due to a bug (improper restriction of write operations within the bounds of a memory buffer) in DLL-controlling code in the driver snscore.sys, it is possible to a local user to write data in kernel-mode memory. It can cause a BSOD (reproduces in our lab) or arbitrary modification of kernel-mode code or data (not reproduced in our lab but is theoretically possible). To exploit this vulnerability the attacker can create a special DLL and load it into a user-mode process. No SoftControl/SafenSoft SysWatch before 4.4.1, SoftControl/SafenSoft TPSecure before 4.4.1, SoftControl/SafenSoft Enterprise Suite before 4.4.1 Update your product to version 4.4.X or above

* Internal code of SafeíNíSec Corporation (prefix SNSVE) and/or code in public base of vulnerabilities on cve.mitre.org (prefix CVE).

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