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VIPO Proactive Protection Technology

SysWatch is based on the patent-pending state-of-the-art VIPO (Valid Inside Permitted Operations) technology which combines three levels of protection to deliver comprehensive system and application integrity:

  • Dynamic Integrity Control (DIC) - Protects all executable software on the system by detecting any unauthorized activation attempt and preventing the process from launching before damage can occur.
  • Dynamic Sandbox Execution (DSE) A specially-designated user account for potentially vulnerable software provides system-level privilege controls to block potentially dangerous software activity.
  • Dynamic Resource Control (DRC) - Controls how different applications can access files and folders, registry keys, external devices, and network resources.

SoftControl levels of protection

System function call interception at Ring 0 of the operating system is used to control application launch and activity. The SoftControl driver is loaded ahead of all other applications, enabling it to intercept and block any system call as needed.

VIPO Proactive Protection technology employs strong hashing algorithms and allows control over file and registry activity as well as ensuring system, file, and installed application integrity. VIPO technology only permits the execution of applications that are known to be trustworthy. No unidentified process can be spawned until a level of trust has been assigned to the application attempting to spawn the process in question. VIPO also controls and blocks unidentified executable modules from being launched, which prevents infection of the system via a security hole in a trusted application. Selected process privileges may also be switched off to further protect the system.

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