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Safensoft: News & Events, 2005

2005 Dec, 19 

After ten days into the contest weíve had a lot of visitors at our website and only one unconfirmed application. This makes us even more confident that the opinion about StarForce drivers damaging optical drives is nothing but a rumor. We want to end these rumors and so StarForce is raising the ... Read more »

2005 Dec, 12 

SafeíníSecģ + Anti-Spyware product is a complex solution for PC and corporate networks protection against todayís most damaging computer threat spyware. The threat of spyware attacks has recently become critical. As early as October 2004 the consequences of spyware attacks were detected in more ... Read more »

2005 Dec, 05 

StarForce Technologies, the acknowledged expert in software security solutions, announces commercial release of proactive protection system SafeíníSec Personal 2.0 English version. Program features are significantly extended in comparison with the previous 1.1 version considering users requests. ... Read more »

2005 Oct, 20 

StarForce Technologies warns all www-users new threat worm has recently appeared in Internet! Popular mail portals show an unusually active mail delivery containing attached or files. The body of the letter usually informs about userís password change ... Read more »

2005 Oct, 19 

Aware of the hazards of modern civilization? The viruses are prowling around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Are you staying self- controlled and alert? Thatís great if you have taken your vitamins and received all the 120 shots against the types of flu this year. But have you ... Read more »

2005 Oct, 06 

StarForce Technologies presents supplemented with new potentialities Personal SafeíníSecģ 2.0 new version which will be officially released at the beginning of November. New version will provide users with broad range of supplementary features considering special requests of the users to the ... Read more »

2005 Sep, 16 

September 7-th-9-th, 2005 StarForce Technologies presented its novelties in Copy protection & information security on Infosecurity-2005 exhibition in Moscow. Those 3 days gave the guests a chance to take a closer look at the new line of software on Copy protection Ė Frontline Ė the solutions ... Read more »

2005 Sep, 14 

Nowadays, when significant amount of valuable information is stored and processed only electronically, aspects of software protection against virus attacks and other harmful programs are of great importance. There are many anti-virus programs to protect your computer, and today I will describe one ... Read more »

2005 Aug, 29 

Few weeks ago Zotob worm and its versions attacked PCs with Windows 2000 & Windows XP SP1 installed. Today most of the antivirus providers have updated signatures for ensuring PCs immunity to this type of worm. Yet powerful not depending on updates protection is guaranteed only in case proactive ... Read more »

2005 Aug, 23 

Information is extremely expensive in modern world where almost everything is on sale. Demand causes supply so as long as men, companies & enterprises exist eager to pay for a secret commercial information its price will grow in progression and computer espionage prospers. In such a situation the ... Read more »

2005 Jul, 19 

Announcing the commercial launch of a brand-new multiple user IPS-solution no business owner should be without: SafeíníSec Business. Security leader StarForce Technologies announces the commercial launch of its brand-new multiple user IPS-solution: SafeíníSec Business. As of today, ... Read more »

2005 Jul, 06 

StarForce Technologies, a world leader in providing IPS solutions and copy protection technologies, announced it has signed an agreement with Norwegian software distributor "Expect More", which is being at liberty to represent Safe'n'Sec full product range in the country and bordering ... Read more »

2005 Jun, 27 

Juneís issue of Hungarian PC World reported on the SafeíníSec Personal editorial testing results. Independent test laboratory of the magazine had been estimating the program with the number of criteria including operation performance, mallware penetration rate, usability, systemís resources ... Read more »

2005 May, 31 

StarForce has created an elegant solution to save users from the new type of internet fraud, known as ďransom-wareĒ. Internet community lately has been struck with a new type of extortion plot: the hacker breaks into the userís system bypassing or neutralizing security and encrypts vital files, ... Read more »

2005 May, 24 

StarForce Technologies announces launch of a new product (beta version) SafeíníSec Business which is a versatile host based intrusion prevention system for corporate networks. This particular solution of SafeíníSec product family has been developed taking into account specific needs for networks ... Read more »

2005 May, 04 

StarForce Technologies, a world leader in software protection and information security solutions, and a Moscow-based Internet Service Provider Mig-Telecom have signed an agreement to integrate Safe'n'Sec, StarForceí pro-active host intrusion prevention solution, into the multilevel ... Read more »

2005 May, 04 

StarForce Technologies, an expert in developing and introducing of the software protection and information security solutions announces two contracted partners for Safe'n'Sec distribution in Benelux region. Both companies are located in Netherlands. Schoonbeek I.C.T., ... Read more »

2005 Apr, 26, the renown software distributor in France and French-speaking countries has announced today that the SafeíníSec utility has been made available through its Internet software shop By now Safe'n'Sec feels rather at home on European Internet shops. ... Read more »

2005 Apr, 18 

StarForce Technologies, a recognized expert in developing and†applications of information security solutions, in cooperation with Agnitum has launched a security pack named "Computer Ambulance". The new offer includes SafeíníSec Version 1.0, StarForce Technologiesí innovative intrusion prevention ... Read more »

2005 Apr, 15 

StarForce, a recognized computer security expert and developer of proactive protection solutions has launched a security forum to provide individuals and corporate users with the latest information on PC security trends and expert advice on approaches to achieving adequate computer protection ... Read more »

2005 Apr, 07 

April 7th, 2005, Moscow Ė StarForce Technologies, a world leader in copy protection and security software, signs two specialist distributors in Poland, TI S.A. and Mediator, to represent SafeíníSec, the innovative Host Intrusion Prevention System based on application behavior analysis and providing ... Read more »

2005 Mar, 29 

StarForce Technologies, an expert in copy protection and information security, launches updates for Safe'n'Sec, a behavior analyzer which proactively protects a work station against malicious activity. Safe'n'Sec Version1.1 introduces new features to increase usability and ... Read more »

2005 Mar, 17 

Author: Robert, Site Administrator Email: Reprinted from A new pro-active, intelligent security product from Star-Force. Impressive security with nearly transparent operation, and zero system load. Read ... Read more »

2005 Mar, 09 

StarForce and its new partner JHD DATA to initiate sales of the behavior analyzer SafeíníSec in Denmark. JHD DATA specializes in providing a broad range of IT services to corporate clients as well as individual users.† SafeíníSec is pinned hopes on to significantly reinforce the companyís ... Read more »

2005 Feb, 28 

With the rise of online sales, SafeíníSec has started to speak German. StarForce Technologies, the developer of† Safe'n'Sec, came to the market with a localized product version. From now on the ultimate utility to protect computers from unknown viruses and subtle hacker attacks is ... Read more »

2005 Jan, 28 

Behavior analyzer SafeíníSec by StarForce has successfully passed the editorial tests in the Russian Edition of† PC Magazine and has been named Utility of the Month. Among the key features of this intrusion prevention security pack, the exclusive ability to detect and identify sophisticated ... Read more »

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