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Safensoft: News & Events, 2013

2013 Dec, 30 

SafenSoft company has received many questions from clients in regards to the Doctor Web company publication about ATM Trojan appearance called Trojan.Skimmer.18 (Doctor Web classification). The main point of interest was about the effectiveness of “Domed” approach SafenSoft TPSecure uses for ... Read more »

2013 Dec, 24 

Specialists of SafenSoft Technical Support are working 24/7, 365 days a week, and neither Christmas nor New Year holidays will be an exception. Anytime you need technical assistance you can contact us by email: or by submitting a support request here: ... Read more »

2013 Nov, 19 

SafenSoft company, Russian information security systems developer, announces SafenSoft 3.9 security software production line release. SafenSoft 3.9 includes improved and updated solutions for software environment integrity preservation for enterprise workstation, servers and web-servers, ... Read more »

2013 Nov, 12 

SafenSoft, developer of advanced software solutions of information security, presented the proactive protection information technologies at «Open Innovations Expo 2013» in Moscow, Russia, - a scale international exhibition area, created for the demonstration of innovative technologies and ... Read more »

2013 Oct, 28 

SafenSoft, Russian software developer of innovative information security solutions, announces SafenSoft for Windows XP Embedded. This product is a solution for information protection on devices managed by Windows operational system with fixed functions, such as ATMs, payment terminals, medical ... Read more »

2013 Oct, 24 

SafenSoft, Russian information security solutions provider, delivers SafenSoft TPSecure, a software integrity preservation solution for self-service devices, to the AF Bank. AF Bank, bank with headquarters in Ufa, Russia, is the first non-governmental bank in Republic of Bashkortostan. According ... Read more »

2013 Sep, 27 

Mexican ATMs became the target for malware called “Ploutus”. This malware is created to take over the ATM on the software level and make it dispense cash on command. So far the attacks were targeted against ATMs at off-premise locations. To begin the attack, criminals acquired access to the ... Read more »

2013 Sep, 27 

SafenSoft company, Russian software developer of information security solutions for businesses, banks and ATMs, announces a partnership with TASKMERE MANAGEMENT LTD. This company has acquired rights to provide SafenSoft TPSecure, the self-service device intrusion prevention solution, in Republic of ... Read more »

2013 Aug, 08 

Kaspersky Lab will be the first in Latin American to deliver a specialized ATM and payment kiosk protection solution for the biggest credit union in Ecuador. This unique security product was created by Kaspersky Lab partner SafenSoft integrating the Kaspersky Anti-Virus SDK engine into the ... Read more »

2013 Jul, 11 

19 years old student has reprogrammed the payment kiosk with self-made software and committed theft of money that way, press-service of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Irkutsk region reports. Shop security guards have spotted a suspicious activity near the kiosk and alerted the police, who arrived ... Read more »

2013 Jun, 26 

SafenSoft, software developer of information security solutions based on innovative proactive technologies, presents a beta-version of SafenSoft SysWatch Personal 3.8 available free of charge. Additional features, Windows 8 support and further optimization allowed the software to achieve ... Read more »

2013 Jun, 21 

SafenSoft, Russian information security solutions developer, announces a partnership with GMS company, one of the largest software distributors in Latin America. Cybercriminal activity is on the rise in the region, and intensifying attacks on the ATM software results in increased demand for modern ... Read more »

2013 Jun, 13 

In Komsomolsk-na-Amure, Russia, an ex-sales manager of mobile phone shop network managed to steal around 60000$ using the ArtMoney software created for cheating in videogames. Together with his coworkers and friends, three of them working as administrators in mobile phone shops, he created a ... Read more »

2013 May, 16 

New information on two massive attacks on ATMs in over 20 countries has become available during the trial in New York against seven suspected members of cybercriminal group, New York Times reports. Attacks that lasted for only several hours during December 2012 and February 2013 resulted in ... Read more »

2013 Apr, 11 

SafenSoft, Russian software developer of information security solutions for businesses, banks and ATMs, took part in the conference "ATMs in Russia & CIS 2013". Denis Gasilin, head of marketing, spoke on the evolution of the ATM as the object for crime- and cyber-attacks, presenting it in an ... Read more »

2013 Mar, 06 

SafenSoft, Russian software developer of IT security solutions and silver sponsor of the conference, invites you to participate in the International Payment Card Industry Data Security Conference “PCI DSS Russia 2013”, which will take part in 2013 in Moscow, March 13. Stanislav Shevchenko, ... Read more »

2013 Jan, 16 

Principal agreements on partnership in the Latin America ATM software protection from all kind of logical threats were achieved between SafenSoft, Russian developer of software IT security solutions, and Kaspersky Lab, leading developer of secure content and threat management solutions. Companies ... Read more »

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