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Data protection from leaking in the commercial organizations
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Data protection from leaking in the commercial organizations

Protection of information resources (data) of the company against leaks is the most important problem of actions of information security. At any kind of activity each company has a certain set of data which are a basis of existenceís firm. These data and document flow are a trade secret of the company and certainly demand protection against leaks and disclosure. Threats of a data leakage divide into two directions: external (malicious software, hacker attacks, etc.) and internal threats (insiders). Effective information security demands an integrated approach. Successful creation of systemís information security requires the analysis and audit of information security of the company.

The hardware-software complexes urged to fight against a data leakage received the general name "DLP systems" (Data Leakage Prevention). Such means of protectionís information from leak usually represent the most difficult systems exercising control and monitoring behind changes of documents and movement of the classified information. Unfortunately, such systems canít give a guarantee from information leakage and their installation and introduction are connected with huge expenditure of the company-client. The value of information and real risks of its leak are not always as so serious financial expenses.

SafenSoft offers the balanced protection against a data leakage developed specially for medium and small business. We build protection which doesn't break the current algorithms of document flow in the company, but at the same time keeps information from unauthorized access, copying or change. Not to let excess people to important data, to protect information from breaking and infection from the outside, to exclude oversights during the work with information, to give the chance of complete control and monitoring of actions of employees Ė by these principles our products for information security of business of SysWatch Enterprise Suite and DLP Guard are created. In them all necessary functionality on prevention of information leakages is realized and the small cost and simplicity of introduction do SoftControl products an ideal choice for the companies which seek to make the business effective and safe.

Network security solution

Enterprise Suite

Enterprise Suite is a comprehensive network security solution for data leakage prevention that effectively protects against intrusion by targeted hacker attacks or malware threats without the need for signature updates. It also protects against insider threats caused by unauthorized access to sensitive data and system configuration changes.

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