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The security of laptops and netbooks of corporate network. The security of your PC while working in remote locations and in conditions of poor communication.

Today when the number of organizations used laptop computers - laptops and netbooks is growing exponentially there is an urgent problem of protecting against information threats, including malware and data leakage.

It is difficult to update anti-virus software regularly and control the actions of employees with the available information on a mobile PC in the business trip and in remote locations, the work of any employee in a remote mode should assume a reliable and safe operation of the portable mobile device, laptop or netbook.

There are major risks of information for mobile devices:

  • damage, loss or leak due to such reasons as the actions of malicious software, failures in the software or hardware, user negligence etc.;
  • the risk of loss of information, which is characteristic for all mobile devices. Laptops and netbooks are usually used in favorable conditions and therefore more likely to fail.

Today SafenSoft offers a balanced protection against data loss on a mobile PC and while working in the field, in remote locations without internet and intranet (LAN / Intranet).

There are some situations where the work of SoftControl will be needed to ensure the security of mobile PCs.

  1. Lack of communication or low-speed connection to the corporate network.
  2. In branches where there is no change frequently or system administrators have weak skills.
  3. In isolated from the internet network to reduce the costs of administering the anti-virus and other protective equipment.
  4. As an additional means of protection against viruses and other destructive influences in the workplace together with other staff antiviral agents, by supplementing existing means of proactive protection by monitoring unauthorized activity and non-standard applications.

Network security solution

Enterprise Suite

Multipurpose protection for workstations against all types of malware, hacker attacks and unauthorized actions of employees to prevent leaks.

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