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Protection of documents and emails at the enterprises
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Protection for confidential, financial, commercial, marketing documents and emails at large companies and corporations

In the large commercial organizations of level of the strategic and industry enterprises circulates so large volume of document management that it is impossible to control it. Hundreds and thousands of employees daily send dozens of letters with the attached files, download analytics, commercial information, databases, reporting. Is it necessary to say that the lion's share of this information has a commercial value, copyright and contains confidential financial data, marketing practices? Certainly!

All of this documentation circulates and changes in 2 views. The first view is an internal perimeter of safety of the organization. Here the local security policy of the company still allows to track the movement, for example, due to technology of "signature", tracking of corporate post correspondence by security service, etc. But, if there are a lot of employees, it is physically impossible to track their actions by forces of security service. Itís necessary to work selectively.

And especially it is impossible to trace without special components who and what was downloaded from the computer and what was read, was sent, was printed out this or that document, who as to whom was sent through a personal mailbox or by means of file hosting services. The second plane is a release of information for perimeter of information security of the organization. It also has the greatest danger. By means of unauthorized downloading, transfer, distribution of confidential information the company can suffer the irreplaceable losses connected with financial and reputation by aspects of the activity. From here there can be a result of successes of competitors and problems with the law, failures in tenders and competitions.

Today the SafenSoft company offers the large companies and corporations real means for protection of confidential, valuable, financial, commercial and marketing information against leak, breaking and uncontrollable distribution, including protection of proceeding correspondence by e-mail, including the enclosed files. Products of E-mail and Content is a complex of the solutions urged to help the large companies to cope with all the problems described above.

Electronic documents and digital content protection from copying, unauthorized access and usage


Content is a solution designed specifically for the electronic documents and digital content protection from copying, unauthorized access and usage.

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