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Project (Project experience). Uralkali


Modern and complex information security system integration for potassium manufacturer workstations.

Aims and purposes

Modern information security system integration for workstations with regard to ease of use and the specifics of the industry.


Uralkali is a vertically integrated potash producer with control over the entire production chain, from potash ore mining, through to the supply of potassium chloride to customers.

Achieved results

  • Product augmented with unique functionality required for this particular customer, i.e. the solution customized for the needs of the customer.
  • Product includes both anti-virus engine and proactive protection technologies that allows protecting endpoints from all threats, including custom malware not in the signature database.
  • Easy and handy information security system achieved due to flexible applications configuration and complete integration with customized software.
  • Technical support was available 24 hours a day during the testing and integration phase. This significantly simplified the client adaptation to the new security system.
  • Project implementation period was 2 months.

Used solution / product

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